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Professional and recreational athletes are asking more and more questions about the use of drugs, especially anabolic steroids in sports. At least every second at least once in his life he heard about the so-called doping, with such a “terrible” name and these are drugs with anabolic effects.

In fact, steroids have long been part of the regular diet of almost every category of athlete, and interestingly, bodybuilders are by no means at the forefront when it comes to buying steroids, but we won’t talk about that now. In this article, a more rational solution would be to approach the topic from the inside, for example, explaining all the nuances of steroid use, dosages, right combinations of courses and, of course, post-cycle therapy.

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Oral Steroids

Profitable steroids to buy for such results


Increased qualitative muscle mass, increased strength

30 – 40mg/day


Rapid increase in total body weight, pumps, strength gains

25 – 100mg/day


Muscle separation, fat burning

30 – 60mg/day


Increase strength and endurance, tighten veins, burn subcutaneous fat

30 – 40mg/day


Increase in muscle fibers, manifestation of venality, increased appetite

400 – 600mg/week


Burns fat, increases endurance and strength

150 – 200mg/week


Improving the quality of life, training motivation, muscle growth, increasing libido

250 – 750mg/week


Significant increase in strength and fat burning processes, increase in muscle mass

150 – 300mg/week


Weight gain, strength indicators, rapid regeneration of the body

250 – 600mg/week

Having considered the information described above, you can already get an idea of effect of steroids on the athlete’s body. Now we will analyze in more detail all the advantages and disadvantages of using AAS in sports. Let’s just say that you need to keep calm when it comes to taking anabolic steroids. Before buying steroids in USA, be sure to consult an andrologist and read the instructions for the drug.

The only disadvantages of doping can be side effects, which only appear with health problems and improper consumption. In order to avoid such situations, the competent steroid shop managers conduct completely free consultations for our clients on all topics of interest to them. We will now list the main positive qualities of doping in sport:

  • Significant rise in resistance indicators
  • General or qualitative increase in muscle mass
  • Burns subcutaneous fat
  • Reduced recovery time between workouts
  • Increased training motivation
  • Change in quality of life due to many factors
  • Improve your mood, fight apathy and depression
  • Increase libido and libido

Steroids for Bodybuilding

The right choice between tablet and injectable steroids

Anabolic steroids are conventionally classified into two types: tablet and injectable. You ask me which one to choose? With experience in receiving and many years of training experience – the proven Online Steroid Store recommends the use of combined SAA courses, this rule is the most correct. Such a course includes an anabolic tablet and one or two injections – this option will give you a quick start and a weak effect on the liver.

Tablet preparations are a very interesting option, since the price is accessible to all athletes without exception, and it is also a convenient method of admission that does not require special skills, in particular, the ability to perform intramuscular injections. Nowadays not only amateur bodybuilders prefer to buy original steroids in the form of tablets, but also professional athletes.

Injections are preferred by more advanced “chemists” who often take lengthy 10-week ASA courses. This method ensures an extremely low load on the liver, instantaneous entry into the blood, a simpler way of administering drugs and the ability to use much higher doses.

Steroids with a pronounced anabolic effect help athletes increase the volume of muscle fibers. With their help, you can achieve another effect – gain dry weight or retain liquid. The right combination of different types of anabolic steroids enhances the effects of each other. Pharmacology is applied in stages, and each stage involves a combination of drugs. The result will come much faster, while your body will not get used to the same drug. Otherwise, the positive result will gradually decrease.

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